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Silvia Navarre Staff Photo

Supply List 

General English Courses:

·         Big 3-inch binder

·         3 packs college-ruled paper for binder

·         4 dividers: Label them: General; Vocabulary; Literature / Reading; Writing / Grammar

·         Highlighter pens, pencils and pens (no red or green ink, except for correcting own

work) kept in a pouch inside the binder and brought to class every day

·         Pack of note cards (for flashcards and speech notes)

·         Small post-it notes or flags

Eng. 101: College in the HS

·         Large binder with paper

·         Writing utensils

·         Textbook Harbrace Essentials 1st ed. 2011/2012 – I will purchase this item up

front from ebay (good used copies for a good price) and you will be expected to

purchase them from me. This is a college class, so textbooks must be purchased by students (school does not pay).